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时间:2019/8/22 10:34:17


Suggestions on Material and Maintenance of Aluminum Art Villa Gate









In our home decoration, a high quality aluminium door is very important, directly related to our quality of life. Especially our wooden aluminium art door, its maintenance problem really needs us to be more attentive.


In our daily life, if we can't maintain our wooden aluminium door and "aluminium villa door", then the doors and fans are likely to be affected by external factors such as weather changes and the use of function.


But many small partners do not know how to protect our aluminium door, so today Runlin aluminium door manufacturers come to talk to you about the maintenance of wooden aluminium door.


Material Composition and Processing Method of Aluminum Art Gate


As we all know, the quality of aluminium door is made of solid wood, so the most important thing for its material maintenance is to ensure the quality and quality of its wood.


But how can we guarantee it? Generally, wood has the characteristics of wet expansion and drying shrinkage. In summer with more rain, wood-based aluminium doors will be deformed due to the increase of air humidity. In winter, because the air is relatively dry, it is likely to find the phenomenon of opening. Especially in the southern region, it is also difficult to maintain wood-based aluminium doors. Relatively larger.


So for one thing, when summer comes, we need to do moisture-proof work for our aluminium door. In order to maintain the indoor air is not too wet, we can properly move the indoor green to the sunshine and other places away from the doors and fans, and we also need to ventilate through the windows to remove the moisture.


In the era of the coming season, we should pay attention to the maintenance of doors and fans in the dry era. We can cultivate potted plants indoors, or install air humidifiers and other facilities to balance the air in our room and play a maintenance role for the aluminium art door.


Aluminum Art Door Maintenance Skills


Insect moth is also one of the factors affecting the quality of shadow aluminium art.


In order to effectively prevent our wooden aluminium door from being eroded, we can accept camphor oil in the appearance of the door.


After cotton is coated with camphor oil, it can be placed next to our doors and fans, which can play a very anti-moth and anti-cockroach role, of course, it can also be used in wooden furniture, wardrobes, etc.


In the era of preventing the spread of borers, we can tamp a suitable amount of pepper or pepper into powder, stuff it into the eyes of the worms, and then rinse it with boiling water.


Of course, pesticides can also be used instead of peppers or hot peppers, but it is important to remind you that this method can not be used near food.


Generally speaking, the maintenance of Villa Aluminum Art Gate needs our heart to do, only good maintenance can make its quality more secure, but careful care at the same time, we also need to make the era of Aluminum Art Gate can be very regrettable!